Bhabhi with driver

Big, beautiful bhabhi who is secretly having an affair with driver is home alone with him and he is insistent that she give him some pussy.

Bhabhi drives him mad

Ever since this driver has had taste of this bhabhi, he cannot stop thinking about her or being with her. Finally, when they are alone, he begins to kiss her and grope her. He tells her to show off her boobs for the camera. After some convincing, she lifts up her pink salwar and exposes her juicy tits. They have large pink areolas that have to be sucked. Which is exactly what he does. He starts kissing, sucking, biting those beautiful boobs and this causes the bhabhi to slowly lose control of her senses. He whips out his aching cock and she starts massaging it and gives him a nice handjob.

Now that he is in full mood, he tries taking her but she is not keen on being caught on camera, he quickly overpowers her and drops her pajama. He takes his entrance behind her and begins to fuck her with pace in doggy style. He grabs on to her thighs as he needs the support for his speed and power of banging. She screams in pleasure as his cock fills the depths of her wet and horny cunt. He then makes her go on all fours on the bed which makes her legs wide and allows him to penetrate even further. It is not long before he is shooting his seed all over the place and telling her he will report for duty with her soon.

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