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Desi Randi with big boobs getting fucked by three men

This is a video of an Indian Desi Randi who gets fucked by three men in a hotel. She is a low class Desi Prostitute who gets fucked by men of different ages everyday. She has become a prostitute to support her family and be self dependent. Her husband had expired long back. She is into this profession only to feed her children.

One day, she was visited by three men. She thought it was a usual day and usual customers. They told her that they will fuck her together. She had been into this kind of situation before where friends come together and demand for fucking together. She agreed but demanded Rs. 4000 for total of three men for 3 hours. The three men were excited to hear that this lady was ready to get fucked by three guys at once. They offered her Rs. 8000 if she agreed to spend the whole day with them and let them film herself while getting fucked. She though for a while and agreed. It was a very good deal for her.

They took her to a hotel room which they had already booked. On reaching the room, the men got freshened up and changed into lungis and other comfortable clothes. They told her to remove her clothes and change into sexy night dresses and gowns that they had bought for her. This Desi Randi followed the command of her customers and changed into the clothes they had bought for her. Watch them have fun with her turn by turn and record the whole episode on cam.

Desi Randi featuring in a desi porn movie with customers

In this video, this Desi Randi gets fucked turn by turn from her customers. She goes to a hotel with 3 men. They promised her to pay double the amount she wanted if she would let them make a video of her while getting fucked and spend the whole day with them. She agreed to their demand and went to the hotel with them. She lied on the bed wearing exposing and sultry clothes, inviting them to feast on her body turn by turn.

The first guy played with her boobs and fondled her and then thrusted his cock into her wet pussy. Later, the other guys also started fucking and playing with her turn by turn, enjoying her body and trying various positions with her. All of them enjoy playing with her big and round boobs and this Desi Randi gets horny with foreplay and fondling and performs better during the whole fucking session.

09:27 length
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