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Desi Maid’s daughter fucked by master at home

This is a video of a young girl who is the daughter of a Desi Maid, getting fucked by master at home. Leela is a Desi Maid working for the Pathaks from past 2 years. She is a loyal maid and even her employers are good towards her. She used to bring her daughter with her sometimes when the work was more than usual. Her daughter slowly learnt to do all the tasks that her mother did. Her daughter noticed that Mr. Pathak, her master used to stare at her and peep at her cleavage sneakily. She noticed her naughty behavior around her but did not inform her mother about this.

A few days later, her mother got ill and could not go for work. She took care of her mom that day and got a few medicines for her from the market. Her mother got better the next day but the doctor recommended rest for a week. She told her mother not to worry about the work. She told her mother that she will go instead of her. She went to the Pathak’s place and found that Mrs. Pathak had gone out of town. Mr. Pathak was alone at home and invited her inside. She started working and he had his eyes on this sexy young maid. While she was cleaning the dishes, he came in the kitchen and grabbed her from behind. She resisted and told him to leave her but he did not listen. He started kissing her to make her horny. Then he finally took her to his bedroom to make lover to her while recording the whole action on cam.

Young Maid fucked by her master in absence of his wife

In this video, watch this young maid getting fucked by her master in his bedroom in absence of his wife. He brings her to his room and makes her lie on his bed. She starts removing her kameez to expose her cute boobs. He keeps on filming her while she undresses. She lies back and unties her salwar. He suddenly jumps on her and starts kissing her. She removes he salwar and gets totally naked.

Then he lies next to her and kisses her boobs and sucks her nipples while playing with her young body. He fingers her pussy and also shakes his dick in between. Then he gets in missionary position and fucks her hard. He fucks her in missionary position continuously for about 10 minutes, increasing his speed and rhythm. Finally he shoots his load into his young maid’s pussy and releases himself.

10:54 length
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