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Indian Couple record their sex session on cam

This is a video of horny Indian Couple who recorded their sex session on cam. This horny Indian hubby loves his wife and they have an active sex life. She loves to obey his orders and does not question him about anything. She is a loyal and dutiful wife. One day he told his wife that he was very bored of regular sex and he wanted to experience something new in it.

He wanted to experiment with their sex life. He proposed many new things to her but she was shy to try very vulgar ones. Finally, they came to an agreement. They decided to record their sex session on cam and watch it later to excite themselves. She was cool with the idea as long as he promised not to leak it to any third person. So, this Indian Couple started having sex in front of cam for new experience.

Indian Couple add spice to sex life by recording their sex session on cam

In this video, a horny Indian couple get naughty on cam. This Indian Couple decide to add spice to their sex life by recording their fucking session on the cam. The husband prepares the wife and they lie on the bed, He places the camera on a table next to the bed and they start making love to each other. He is in lungi and not wearing anything else to cover his body. She is also in a lose pink colored night gown and lies on the bed while her husband gets on top of her. He lifts her night gown up and starts sucking on her big boobs.

Then he gets up and goes towards the camera to adjust its position and angle. The lady pulls back her night gown down but she is totally horny and is rubbing herself on top of her clothes. He gets back on the bed and lifts back her night gown and starts sucking her boobs again. Then he moves down slowly, kissing her navel and tummy and gets down to her pussy. She has a hairy pussy and she feels shy when he touches her pussy area. He lifts her up and removes her night gown completely. Then he hugs her tight. They both take each other into arms and start kissing and playing with each other’s bodies.

05:50 length
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