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Couple in changing room


Who says men don’t like shopping? This guy enjoys a shopping trip with his girlfriend in the changing room by having a quick round of sex.


Couple decide to get freaky


This young couple is looking for some thrill and excitement in their sex life and decide to chance it in the changing room. To the outside world it may looked like they have trial clothes but they have changed into their birthday suit. Amazed by his girlfriend’s body, the guy runs his hands over her tight curves, supple body and bubble butt. He continuously squeezes her boobs in a white bra before finally removing it and feeling those magnificent, big tits in all their glory. He continues to maul those big boobs as he kisses her back. She is still worried about getting caught but he gets her in the mood by whispering naughty things into her ear and biting into her shoulder.


Feeling the swing of things and realizing they don’t have much time, the guy enters her doggystyle. At first, she moves up and down his shaft but slowly and surely he begins to move with her and then the couple begin to move together. He takes control and increases his speed grabbing her by the shoulders and fucking her hard. He continues to motor into her by grabbing that beautiful ass. He pounds her hard before the sheer risqué situation has him cum deep inside her. The couple smile as they realize the dangerous situation they put themselves in but enjoyed their quickie session.

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